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  • How???

    How do i create a company in the usa what site?

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    Security is not regulated by the federal governments in Canada or the US. They provinces or states have their own rules.
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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      You're in Florida.

      Security Companies in Florida are governed by Florida State Statute 493. First, you need to have a minimum of $300,000 dollars in general liability insurance. You must have someone on staff who has been a Florida State Licensed Security Officer for a minimum of four years, or a Law Enforcement Officer. They must obtain a Class M license (Manager). You must obtain a Class B license (Security Company) from the state. You must hire Class D Security Officers who have taken a 40 hour class. If you wish to supervise your employees, or work posts, you must posess a Class D license, as well.

      If you advertise, attempt to fill posts, or do anything that resembles offering services without a Class B license, you will:

      1. Go to jail for fraud, violations of Chapter 493, and whatever else they can find.
      2. Pay thousands of dollars in fines.
      3. Have to go before the Division of Licensing, which will remove your ability to ever work, own, or be part of a security company or security work. Ever.

      Security in Florida is regulated. Google "Florida Division of Licensing," that is the agency that regulates security in Florida. My company recently got its B license, and it is a long road.
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