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Department Logo's (or seals) software?

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  • Department Logo's (or seals) software?

    I wanted to get some input on some tech software. We are looking to change our departments logo, and use something a little more traditional, such as round seals. Problem, what software is out there to help create this? Any ideas? Thank you!
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    Hehe.... I have a wonderful program that does that, its called "Adobe Photoshop."

    This is really something for a graphics artist to do, I'm afraid.
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      Bingo.... Generally speaking, you either get a graphics designer to come up with it on the computer, or draw it by hand... Then you take their design down to the embroidery shop, uniform shop, or whatever... And they produce it for a modest fee...

      I've designed patches for a few departments in the past.... I'd be willing to have a go at it if you're interested...
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        How right you all are!

        So I have noticed.. I tried some of those sample downloads to see what was out there.. I really was not impressed at all. I tried "laughing bird" and it was a joke.. I cant believe they are even able to sell such a program.. Then I tried some creator program, it was even more awefull than any others I tried. OMG, It seems to be more of a graphic drawing solution.. So I got bored, in the middle of the night, as I couldnt let this get me down, and went ahead and started working on it myself..

        I am actually very impressed. I used Microsoft Office 2005, and used the different image templates and images. After figuring out how to create transparancy and shape definition, I was successful. Now, I need to get some sleep!

        I just couldnt see paying out the $$$ for a small GIF or JPEG that we could attach to documents!
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          I use a combination of graphics software when I am doing insignia, logos and even trademarks. I do it on the side mostly as a hobby now but use to do it part time but I could not keep up with the technology fast enough (till now) let alone the competition with the big boys.

          I use Paint shop pro, Presto Image folio, Print artist and Adobe photo finish. Sometimes I jump back and forth between them while designing something. I just built me a new machine and it's able to multitask several graphics programs at once. I don't like PSP 9 though; it seems to have a few glitches with some of the icon tool commands.

          The latest thing I did was make some large shields to go on the front of our desk for patrons to see us better when they walk in instead of the old plain podium.
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            N. A. Corbier suggested the right one for the job! Photoshop CS2 does awesome work.

            Throw me a pm if u need anything im a photoshop groupie!


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              Adobe Illustrator offers a lot more options than Photoshop and is more of the industry standard for design work. Photoshop is used more for editing purposes. Although Photoshop is a versatile and much easier to use program, many print shops will ask for Illustrator files when you are ready to have items printed such as letterhead, etc. But, like previously stated, your best option would be to find a graphic artist to do the design work for you.


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                Dark Age Tech.

                I had an artistically gifted friend draw our patch freehand. It came out very well. Been using it for 6 years now, and no plan to change anytime soon.
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                  Originally posted by Andy Taylor
                  I had an artistically gifted friend draw our patch freehand. It came out very well. Been using it for 6 years now, and no plan to change anytime soon.
                  I sketched my patch by hand too. GALLS did a great job on the proof and I have no regrets about the way they turned out.
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                    I, too, designed my companies logo with the use of Adobe Illustrator. I personally was comfortable designing it myself because I already had an idea of what I was looking for. But if you have absolutely no clue what you are looking for or no clue where to start, I would suggest seeking help from a graphic artist.