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    Does anyone know a good book or website where I can find information on ROI for Security Sales? I've decided to take on some extra duties at work and one of them is sales. I've been able to grab a few little things, like events and private functions, but I've found that the larger, industrial type event want to know what you can offer them and how you can save them money in the long run. I've already contacted a friend who sells business insurance to try to find what companies offer discounts for onsite security and what thier stipulations are, but I'm thinking I need a little more that that. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Did you try "ROI security" on Google? The main thrust though as you pointed out, is to help reduce liability and the costs associated with it.

    Helping people inside to stay safe and keeping unwanted visitors out should be a selling point as well.

    Can you hook up with a TSCM expert and offer bug sweeps? Larger companies do not like to share information before they are ready.

    Are you planning on selling Security Guard's only for events?
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      To best answer the ROI question, why did they contact you or place an ad?
      Ask them what they consider as credible or postulated threats to their business?
      Eric has provided solid information on TSCM. If a client does nothing to protect his information, it is really not his. If they propose mearly handholding and not even a modicum of security, it is not worth your while.
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        ROI on physical security will primarily be one of two things:

        Prove that you're not a expense. (Can we break even?)

        Prove that we need your services. (Where's the black ink?)

        As far as the return, it comes in fewer insurance claims for negligence, accidents, criminal incidents. There is the insurance discount for having physical guard services on site. There is the expectation of safety from workers.

        This also depends on if the client wants protection or observation. If they want observation only, then there really isn't a ROI other than lower insurance, unless the guard force is also to look for fire and safety violations and are trained in how to deal with them.

        Keep in mind that offering professional rescuer services opens you up to a lot of liability from WI EMS Bureau, and you'll need first responder certificates for all your responder employees.

        If you're offering protection, find out what the threat is, and then explain how you can counter that threat. Break it down into numbers. You have X incidents right now. They cost Y dollars per incident. You lose productivity equivelant to Z dollars.

        WIth our officers on your post, we believe we can cut down on the incidents by C amount. You will recoup Y-C dollars per incident, and recover productivity at Z-C dollars.

        TSCM is nice, but many people don't believe they need it. You need a good TSCM person to educate them.

        Ask your existing clients for feedback on how security services have helped them increase their profibility. That's your data for the numerics.
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