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The Case of the Gang Members' Girlfriends...

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  • The Case of the Gang Members' Girlfriends...

    From Liz Martinez's column on our Retail section:

    Liz is offering a chance to win a free copy of her excellent loss prevention book to whomever provides the best answer to how to solve this case. See details below...

    THE CASE OF THE GANG MEMBERS' GIRLFRIENDS -- help us solve the case!

    The story:

    Gang members have been known to encourage their girlfriends to obtain legitimate employment in retail stores in order to have access to customers' credit cards. In some cases, the girls "forget" to give the cards back to the shoppers (in other words, they steal the credit cards). In other cases, the women are recording the card information for later use. The gang members use the data or the cards to make purchases that they either fraudulently return so that their girlfriends can process cash refunds, or they keep the merchandise. Observers are pretty sure that the money being used to further gang activities, but it's difficult to prove the link and almost impossible to stop the thefts.

    The solution?

    If you have a solution or advice about how stores can prove the link to the gangs, or ideas about how they can avoid repeat credit card thefts, please let us know by e-mailing your ideas to [email protected]. We'll publish the best solutions in an upcoming Retail Security column -- and you can remain anonymous if you wish. The best solution receives a free copy of "The Retail Manager's Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Business from Theft, Fraud and Violence."

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    To catch the girls in the act a covert pinhole camera observing the cash register from over their shoulder would give you a view of their hand movement either palming the credit card or copying the information. Use reciepts that only display the last four numbers of a credit card.

    To deter the girls place an overt camera in the same postion as above. Also place signage at the register reminding customers to ask for their credit cards at the end of the tramsaction.


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      Prevention/Retail Security

      Simplicity personified!, simple and direct. That is so neat. We have overall coverage of the areas but this is site specific. All that remains is the compulsory warning sign, "Video surveillance employed at all checkout counters."
      Well done!
      Enjoy the day,