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Knife-wielding shoplifter charged in Hennepin County Court

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    The company I work for makes it mandatory for LPO staff to attend and pass PPCT training, ground fighting tactics, speed cuffing, and knife awareness/stab avoidance training. We also get non-confrontational intervention training so that we don't have to get to a physical stage. We also are provincially licensed and certified to carry and use cuffs and batons (provided you meet certain training requirements). In the case of the company I work for, we complete our training with the local police force and are expected to perform to their standards in order to get our certification recognized provincially for licensing purposes.

    There is another thing that comes to my mind - sometimes $100.00 of merchandise is just not worth my life, and I'll be honest about that. No matter how much training you have - there are times that your personal safety is being compromised and the smart thing to do is back off and dial 911. I have had one incident where an individual pulled a needle on my partner and I. We backed off, called 911 and followed the suspect at a safe distance - we got the merchandise back, the suspect was caught, and my partner and I got home safe and sound that night. Situational awareness is something that is stressed to us at all times, and it's the one factor you personally can control at all times.


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      Loss Prevention Officers over here in England are NEVER armed and are not, generally, allowed to wear anti Stab or Anti Ballistics vests because of all of the Political correctness going on over here it's also very hard for LPOs to arrest people.

      I was an LPO over the Christmas period (Inhouse) and I came across quite a few people taking stuff but was almost arrested on a charge of Racism because I attempted to arrest a man from Pakistan, he called me a racist and I was given a warning.

      Hope those Officers pull through though.
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        Howdy folks!

        Don here in MN, I hear the 2 LP are doing OK, one is my brothers co-workers roommate. One got stabbed in the leg and one in the arm, they were treated and released, thank God.

        I am lucky enough to work for a company that does allow us to carry defensive weapons. We are trained and carry both pepper spray (which I have used) and an Asp baton (which I hope to NEVER use). We are also allowed to wear protective vests if we wish to, my partner wears one I do not.
        "I'll let each of you guys punch me in the face if you'll just wash this crap outta my eyes!!" -Tweeker Shoplifter showing his distaste for pepper spray.