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    Originally posted by BigBadTroll View Post
    Going to TRY to tread lightly here....

    First, I asked about the best companies FOR MAKING THE TRANSITION, not for how to make the transition TO THE BEST COMPANIES.

    Second, while contract guard work is different than LP (hence my questions in general), I hardly consider time spent protecting assets to be COMPLETELY irrelevant to LP.

    Simplistic and not really all that helpful....but thank you anyway.
    No, security work is not COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to LP, but I would be more interested with an applicant who has a strong background in a retail environment than one in security.


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      Fair enough and true enough but really......asset protection is just that. It comes down to mindset. LP is a form of specialization and this is why I am looking for a company to get my foot in the door as I am sure some are different then others in procedure and expectation.
      Tom Duprey
      Owner/Relentless Risk Management


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        Well said Nauticus,

        I agree completely that the job is different. I'm not so sure the skills required are that different, however.

        Being observant, dealing well with people, writing good reports, situational awareness, being able to go hands-on if necessary and a few other skills are much the same.

        I would say based on my experience that LP is overall harder on an hour by hour basis than most unarmed uniformed security but both are needed equally along with electronic measures to assure a secure environment.

        IMHO LP should be paid more than unarmed uniform work............