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  • Having a hell of a time..

    Well, I found these forums a while back and I decided to post here because I am really at a dead end, and I am looking for some advise. Basically, I have been trying to get hired on as a base level Loss Prevention Associate at a major retailer. I have no experence in the field, but I am studying Criminal Justice, and I do work with and often talk with the LP at my current employer who has really helped me understand the job. Problem is, I put in applications, make phone calls, and no matter who I submit an application to, I don't get a call back, or I get a call back, and I bomb the interview, interview times don't work out, ETC. I just seems I have a terrible time getting a call in the first place. Now from what I understand the turn over rate is slow, so it's hard to get in the door or even find an open position, it's hard to get a call because I have no experence. Another issue is the fact that I am a police cadet at a local college, so my avaliabilty is a bit screwy.
    So basically what I am asking is, what can I do to make myself more noticable? If any of you want to take a look at a resume and see what I can improve there. Also looking for some interview tips, and possibly any open positions in the Sacramento area. Thanks for your time.
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    I'll be happy to look at your resume.
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      Way to go Curt!
      Enjoy the day,


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        Don't worry - even at my level I am not shocked when I hear nothing back from a recruitment company or you hear from them 3 months later. 1 gov't position I went for - had 5 interviews / role playing crap and was for a senior management role. I got a letter saying "thanks for coming" and when I rang the number to find out where I was lacking in my application, I found the recruitment team had been fired so no1 could help me (1 day after the date of the letter).

        I would also speak with your LP people and see what areas they can help you to focus on ........... it is not all about catching Shop Lifters ... as the 2nd word is PREVENTION. I hired someone recently for an LPO role - she had just got her qualifications but spent 20 years as a cashier in clothing so she knew all the tricks of the NO SALES, VOIDS, REFUNDS plus much more. So retail experience from behind a counter is often very valuable is LP.
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          If you feel that loss prevention may be a long term career for you, or if you have money to burn and want to do it badly, I suggest enrolling in the Loss Prevention Foundation's ( course that certifies basic LPO skills. LP Qualified course is a bit cheaper, and more ready for someone in the position you are in. This is not a manditory course by any means, but it may improve your resume and skills to a degree that you can get these jobs.

          As well, you may want to work on interview techniques. That is what gets you the job once the resume gets you in their door. You don't want to tell them what they want to hear - you have to sound honest, even if you feel that the answer isn't modelling their expectations.

          Let me know if you want me to go through a full ideal interview session. I used to instruct resume writing and job interview techniques at a security academy where I used to live, so if you lack in the interview part, I may be able to help. Let me know if that's the case.


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            Hello jprovi1,

            I'm going to give you a little advice on your request to get into the LP business.

            Now, this is only my opinion, and it's coming to you from an angle you might not have considered before. If I am reading your post correctly, your a police cadet, and that means you might be in the police academy, or at least you might be thinking about getting in law enforcement.

            If this is true, I caution you about getting in the loss prevention field. I don't say this because it is a bad profession, or that you won't enjoy it, but because it raises the possibility that you will have numerous run-in's with shoplifters, and other crooks. Sounds about right, doesn't it.

            Well, the danger here, for someone who is looking to get into law enforcement is that it also raises the possibility that you will have to go, "hands on," with shoplifters who do not want to get caught. So your saying you knew that.

            OK, but what about the big fight, where someone who is just trying to get away gets badly hurt, or you stop someone who you saw take something, but they decided not to steal it (while still in the store) and they drop it off on some shelf in the store, but you didn't see them drop it off, and you stop them outside the store and force them to come back in. There are many more possible incidents that I could describe, but I hope you get the idea I'm trying to make.

            Now the police are called, by you, by the shoplifter, by anyone, and all of a sudden you become a focus of a report, or someone involved wants to place you under citizen's arrest.

            You can say you had the right to use force to arrest the shoplifter, or stop the person you saw place something under their clothing (but didn't see them drop it back off in the store), but this puts you under some very difficult circumstances where you might end up in court, having to defend yourself in regard to your actions, insted of being able to focus in on the suspect's actions.

            Why do I bring all this up. Because when you apply to become an officer of the law, a background check is made, and if looks like you have made questionable decisions about your LP job, or have actually gotten in some trouble over your actions in regard to the job, how good do you think you will do in getting that police job. Hmmmmmmm.

            I hate to say it, but one of the best things you can do to look good for a police job is to keep yourself out of trouble in as many aspects of your life as you can. The examples that I gave you of possible problems occurring while working LP could do just the opposite, and could cause you not to get a law enforcement job, or even worse, if you do something wrong enough to have committed a felony by your actions (even though you were doing what you thought was right), you would then NOT be able to get that law enforcement job.

            Loss Prevention has such the possibility of your having to use force on someone who you have arrested, that you are likely to be involved in incidents that will land you in court, where you have to justify your actions, even if the reason your in court is for the criminal case against the suspect.

            I think that if your in security now, and you don't have to put yourself in a position of making arrests, or going hands on with anyone, you are much more likely to be looking good when you start applying for those law enforcement positions.

            GOOD LUCK, no matter which course (LP or no LP) you decide to go with.


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              Need help

              I know how you feel. And although I really wasn't looking for a loss prevention job at the time, I'd previously worked at a juvenile det. facility and had always heard about the industry. So after trying for other security jobs along the way I moved back to Oklahoma and applied with Bass Pro Shops hoping to put my "retail" experience to use. At the time, there happened to be an opening in the LP department and I got the spot. I still to this day couldn't say how I got the job because I didn't have all that much experience....I just did! So I hope that everything pans out for you soon and wish you the best of luck. BTW. Try this link if you haven't already. It might help some as well:

              "Life In Every Breath"