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Good Counterfeit 100s North/Midwest

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  • Good Counterfeit 100s North/Midwest

    Suspects are bleaching 1 and 5 dollar bills and then printing 100s on top of them. I work in the WI market nd have seen quite a few pass. If you hold the bill to the light the watermark shows lincoln instead of franklin if they used a five dollar bill ect.. Here is a copy of one I recieved that was a five.

    The Secret Service Agent that collected it thought it was a very good counterfeit for what thats worth.

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    As a non-yank these look bloody good and in a group of notes would look very close to being perfect at first glance. You yanks need to get into coloured notes and lose the paper and go polymor (plastic) as this is more durable and can be harder to counterfeit. I know there are hundreds of water marks, threads, tiny prints and even words to a poem or speech (excuse my knowledge of yank currency) but it used to be $20.00 US bills that got faked here until the new notes came in a few years back.
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