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    Originally posted by FireEMSPolice View Post
    I dont understand something. Alot of our LP's will not call us anymore to effect a ban on a shoplifter they apprehended. My mall has 6 anchor stores:

    - Macy's
    - Saks Fifth Avenue
    - Sears
    - The Great Indoors
    - Von Maur
    - JCPenney

    I remember when I first started, Von Maur didnt want us in their store or for us to contact them. Then they got all new LP's and they would calls us all the time to ban people they caught. As of a few months, the calls stopped. Macy's calls only if one of their apprehensions has gone bad (fighting with LP's, etc). Sak's Fifth Avenue has NEVER called us (to my knowledge) since I have worked at the mall. Sears will call us sometimes. I have never been to The Great Indoors to ban someone. JCPenney calls us only if its a big apprehension.

    Many stores will not ban shoplifters from their stores. I was given strict instructions and it was in the training manual to never trespass a shoplifter/potential customer. Sears/Great Indoors should have never called you, it goes against company policy.
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