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    One store I was the LPM for has a 20 foot fragrance display and due to theft were told to place minimal stock on the shelves (ie. no more than 2 of everything as these old displays once held 7 layers of stock). One idiot LOST $2k of stock because she was too lazy to go into the stock room and replace the sold items so just filled the shelves up and of course when she went home, 2 x SL's came in and hit the unmanned counter.

    Planograms are supposed to be the bee knee's of retail and if you don't have it to sell as it has been stolen, then they are about as much use as peeing on a forest fire. I once had some VM clown tell me he was place all 12 x 14 inch chainsaws on display at a hardware store as they were on sale. I said NO, you have 1 and some empty boxes and some props like wood chips and a log. We had 42 chainsaws for sale at a bargain price and they sold out in 4 hours (I got one). Most stores LOST 5% or more in theft as they followed their planogram which was wrong.
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu