I am presently about to move to the San Diego area, and forced to live the job I love at my local police department. Because of how quickly I really need to get down there, I don't have time to presently apply to the local PD's and wait 3-5 months to pass all the necessary hiring steps. I was thinking about finding a luxury hotel (in hopes they pay the best?) and try to get on with them for a few months while I find a new PD or possibly the probation department or something to get hired on to. I don't think finding work would be a problem due to my 2+ years of non-sworn law enforcement experience working in fingerprinting, evidence, and the jail, plus college, and CA POST narcotics training courses, CPR, etc. My question is for you guys though, the security experts, as I don't really have any experience with the private sector.

How much money am I looking to be making? Obviously I'm not interested in taking a huge pay cut here coming from the city government side of things? I would hope something around $14 an hour at least wouldn't be too much to ask? I've heard horror stories of LP guys making like $9 an hour or something, I hope that isn't true? Anyway, I greatly appreciate any information you can give me about how hotel security is, and how it pays, etc. Thanks again guys, the sooner I can find something, the sooner I can get down there and eventually back into the swing of things!