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Walgreens LP Shoots Pregnant SUSPECTED Shoplifter In The Back..Claims Self Defense

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  • Walgreens LP Shoots Pregnant SUSPECTED Shoplifter In The Back..Claims Self Defense

    From The News Report

    Greg Hollis
    Fri, April 14, 2023 at 2:30 PM EDT·2 min read

    A Nashville woman and her newborn baby are in critical condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center after the mother, who was seven months pregnant, reportedly was shot by a Walgreens employee in a store parking lot for alleged shoplifting.
    According to Nashville Police, Walgreens team leader Mitarius Boyd shot a suspected shoplifter, Travonsha Ferguson, in the store parking lot around 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12. Doctors had to perform an emergency cesarean section to deliver Ferguson’s baby after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds. The baby reportedly was not harmed, and both mother and child are in critical but stable condition.

    Full article here:

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    I retired in October of 2021. Even then security companies were so desperately short-stopped if they would hire anyone with a pulse. I worked for HSS, G4S and Allied Universal. Those are National companies and they have National company lawyers telling them what they can and can't do and my experience has been that they were pretty picky about who got to be an armed guard and who didn't.

    (My experience also has that I knew quite a few guards including me who worked unarmed positions with a gun in their pocket)

    I can't back up what I'm about to say with any concrete facts but I'm pretty sure management was at least aware that some of the guards were carrying an authorized weapons and turned a blind eye but would have completely disavowed their actions had any of those guards actually used their authorized weapon.

    Using Colorado as an example, in Colorado Springs I am required to have proof of training and a specific endorsement on my security license if I'm going to carry OC spray or a firearm or a taser. Guards in Colorado Springs are not allowed to carry impact weapons but even then I know at least one guy who did carry aa ASP baton blatantly and openly right in front of Supervisors and all they told him is if you ever use that thing we're going to fire you.

    But all I had to do was drive down to Security/ Widefield/Fountain (next town over) and I didn't even need a security license, let alone a specific security license for carrying a firearm on the clock.

    The point I'm trying to make is that the security industry has radically different standards varying by location. The security industry is also critically understaffed. When I was working on one contract we were not allowed to work over 12 hours Period. Full Stop, End of discussion. The client would actually fine the security provider for every hour any guard worked over 12 hours. When I worked for Allied Universal the most I ever had to pull was a 16-hour shift. Now I'm reading on security guard forums that it's common for guards to pull 36 hours shifts because they don't have the Staffing. How good of decisions do you think that guard is making after about 18 hours on the clock?

    The point of the point that I'm trying to make is that it is entirely possible that the guy at Walgreens had zero training and probably wasn't even authorized to carry a weapon and they just put him out there as a warm body and told him "Go, Do, Be."

    I think that's why we're seeing all these stories about these security guards just massively overstepping the limits of their Authority and shooting people over really stupid things
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      Excellent post, Night Rider. Lack of oversight has been the issue since my very first security job long ago. You still have no national standard - just 50 different state laws, and then county and city/town regs. The problem with guns is two-fold: you have under trained licensed armed guards, and you have unarmed guards carrying anyways because the danger level is so high now.

      The insurance industry and clients have to got demand higher standards and pay more, or its just going to get worse.