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Target admits losses to ORC

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  • Target admits losses to ORC

    Went with the Post link; the Yahoo! article was so woke it was painful. "Wealth inequality" is a convenient excuse for progressive prosecutors and judges to look the other way while businesses get ripped off. The problem is these people don't just pick on the bad, evil corporations (except that the reason you have stuff on the shelves is because the corporation can do it efficiently) - they rip off small businesses too, who often have to move or just shut down (and then all their workers are unemployed).

    Sadly, the big box stores aren't really lobbying for change - they just pass the cost on to the honest, paying customers. If they have a guard, he's just a security scarecrow. One large retail drug store chain in WA doesn't agree to prosecute anyone, but they constantly complain about the shoplifting...
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