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Starbucks caves to crime in Seattle

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  • Starbucks caves to crime in Seattle

    They have chosen to close 5 stores in Seattle and Everett, supposedly due to crime concerns. IMHO, they brought it on themselves. They are uncooperative with police and security, and will not hire plain clothes security, due to their hipster sensibilities. (They also do that annoying thing other stores and the University Police do, i.e. not saying the race of suspects because it's racist. Sorry, when you say "a man of darker complexion," I have no idea if that's a really tan White guy, a light skinned Black guy, or someone who is of Hispanic or Arab descent.)

    Where I work they will not ask people to leave that they know are banned (either by their own store or the shopping center). If there is disorderly conduct going on, they want us to deal with the situation outside. Well, that's great, except if you don't ask them to leave, they're not going to come outside and get kicked off the premises by the guards, now are they? They only kick people out of their bathrooms if the homeless are clearly trashing the stalls, or if they've been in there for over an hour.

    This also might be a convenient excuse to cut their less profitable shops and the union stores. Union employees who move to a non-union Starbucks do not get union protection.

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    The more I read stuff like this the more I'm glad I got out of security


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      I'm sure the crime rate is an issue but, half of the locations are/were targets of unionization. I once work for a retailer who, when fac3d with unionization, would close the store and then open a new store 100 miles away. This was a large retail chain.
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        I mean, if the issue is homeless people (and it usually is) you solve it by locking down the store. You either come in and order something or you don't come in.

        The problem is in almost every one of these videos I see of homeless people being put out of Starbucks it's the other customers that are raising hell with security for doing it.
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          That is the other problem, Night Rider. I am so tired of SJWs whipping out the cell phone or getting up in my face because I'm "harassing" a poor homeless person. I really want to tell them, "Please, if you are so concerned, take this guy home. Then you can clean the blood off the wall of your bathroom because Joey the junkie can't find a vein..."