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The Atlantic article on retail crime

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  • The Night Rider
    There's not too many stores out there that can afford to overlook 120K in theft

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  • Condo Guard
    started a topic The Atlantic article on retail crime

    The Atlantic article on retail crime

    Not very in depth, but it does touch on the relevant issues. One thing I think they didn't delve into is the insurance issue - a lot of companies have stopped putting in claims, because if you do, your rates go up. If you aren't putting in a claim, there isn't really any reason to report it to the police, especially if your city's department doesn't investigate or apprehend suspects.

    A lot of these big companies don't even report crimes, and ban their staff from even alerting the shopping center security. One of our national corporate retailers has not called us at all this year - I seriously doubt they suddenly solved their shoplifting and "grab and go" issues - more likely corporate told them to not report.