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Chicago looting of high end stores was organized

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  • Chicago looting of high end stores was organized

    When the Bellevue, WA mall was hit, the BPD reported that gang members were involved, and used the protests as cover. The trouble with retail areas is they have to be open and accessible spaces for the public, which makes them harder to defend, either with physical barriers or with limited security personnel.

    Without sounding paranoid, all I would say to retail security officers is this: you are being watched and studied. I'm sure it was no coincidence when an organized group attempted to sneak into our facility right at night shift change (when, like other facilities, security staff is at its lowest). We lucked out because one of the S/Os saw it on camera and there just happened to be police close by. What has amazed me in following the Twitter and Facebook posts of various "protest" groups is the degree of sophistication and organization. They study, they trade tips and tactics, and they are constantly changing in response to police and security's reactions. The criminals do the same among themselves or in conjunction with other groups.
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