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AI / facial recognition for retail

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  • AI / facial recognition for retail

    Interesting article about the uses of facial recognition. We're still at the baby steps phase of this technology, so there are going to be some bugs to work out. I liked the anecdote about an attempted robbery at a small store that was thwarted - the camera saw the guys wearing masks and locked the doors before they could enter. Facial recognition would also take the wind out of the common practice of just changing clothes and shoplifting at the same store or nearby shop the same day.

    The one hurdle will be privacy issues - for this to really work, stores will have to share information across the corporate chain or with facility security and local PD. One store where I work finally had enough and has started banning recognized shoplifters and people who make fraudulent returns. The ORC (Organized Retail Crime) groups have responded - new vehicles, new recruits.

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    I would actually be interested in this for sites where we have high crime or we ban past residents. This could be useful also for employees who have been fired who try and return for retaliation