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How Seattle encourages shoplifting

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  • How Seattle encourages shoplifting

    The tv report on the 11:00pm news was longer and more informative. Seattle has hit the perfect storm - a roving homeless / addict population that is practically a protected class, an understaffed police department that has a city council that tells them in so many words to de-police, and a city prosecutor who, in America's fastest growing city with a great tax base, just shrugs his shoulders and says, "We're understaffed." Buck passing is an Olympic sport in this town - everybody has an excuse why it is not their problem.

    The big secret that isn't is the city generally will not prosecute for theft under $750.00. There are professional rings that travel up and down the I-5 corridor ripping off box stores and malls daily. In the city, the homeless are recruited to do recon and "grab and go" crimes, then get a bit of cash to support their habits from the buyer. These people are rarely caught or prosecuted. If they are, the jail time or fines are minimal, because they're just property crimes.

    As noted in the report, they all know which stores have a "hands off" policy and no security / LP. I had to laugh when the spokesperson said, "Oh, do call; we do more patrols in areas where we see a pattern..." Police patrol for a day or two, and then go back to their normal routes / response procedures. (I don't blame SPD - they have it coming at them from all sides in this city.) Security is ineffective also; they know most officers, even the armed ones, are usually just observe and report.

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    Gotta have more proactive, hands-on security if they want 2 cut down on this.

    Don't just limit guards to observing & reporting in fear of lawsuits. Lawsuits are a fact of life in the retail industry anyhow, just like death & taxes).

    The police are inundated with far more important matters to keep calling them on every thief who flees; therefore the guard's role should be made more crucial than to just be a mannequin @ the door.

    Don't bother with the libtards' concerns to value the shoplifter's life or human dignity. Make them fear the worst of consequences when they set out on their crime sprees. If they fight, they might just forfeit their life - if they're violent with the security agent fulfilling his duties.

    Let the crook suffer a bit @ the guard's hands when justified, because as mentioned above, the courts will do jack squat anyway.


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      On the street level, the retailers have to decide how much loss they have to have to trigger a response. Well trained LP with clear policies will take a lot of the liability out of situations. It really irks me that two of the biggest retailers in our shopping area (both of whose CEOs / founders are BILLIONAIRES) have no LP and expect the mall security to do their loss prevention. They have enough influence to get the politicians to do something, but all they want to do is whine, because they are so conscious about their image. (Same problem with fraudulent returns - the days of "no receipt, no problem" are long gone in my book. Same with no dollar limits on returns - I'm sorry, who buys $300 worth of clothes every month and then returns them other than maybe the Khardasians?)

      On the LE and criminal justice end, they have to understand that these rings are fueling all kinds of other social ills, so the victims aren't just the retailer. And if you if hit a guard or you almost mow down a pedestrian as you flee to your next crime, the penalties should double.
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