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Retailers continue to battle shoplifting

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  • Retailers continue to battle shoplifting

    Good summary of the current issues. The prosecution dilemma is one of the main reasons it is increasing - high yield, low risk. The heroin epidemic just adds gas to the fire...

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    Great article. I find it interesting that the study did not recommend hiring more LP detectives, but rather use the customer service experience to manage shrink. I've heard of some places that only use their detectives to investigate employees. Sure beats when I did the gig in the 90's, when hands-on was the primary way of dealing with shoplifters. (at least in the outfits I worked for)

    Either way, I believe there will always be a place for LP detectives, and it will always be a great way for any newcomers to get their foot in the door of our industry.


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      Last I heard, in CA there was a "Civil Penalty" of $450? for getting caught shoplifting (no court of trial needed) but also that it had no teeth.

      I'd recommend about $2000 fine, and Courts would put hold on Driver Lic, and maybe even Public College enrollment, until paid in full. Parents liable for the fine of kids.

      Maybe store only gets $500-1000 of the 2Gs. $2000 paid outs might be little too tempting.


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        You SEEM to forget an important part of this: Law. Go do some research squid.


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          Originally posted by Soper View Post
          You SEEM to forget an important part of this: Law. Go do some research squid.
          Everyone else sees I'm OBVIOUSLY suggesting a change in existing law. You are the only one not seeing that.

          PS-CA (and every US State AFAIK) allows all sorts of little agencies to levy "Civil Fines" all on their own without any Adult Supervision from any elected form of Govt.


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            Not surprising Apple got owned. If the California stores are anything like Seattle, part of the issue is lax (or no) security / LP. Many retailers have a policy of only asking for merchandise back; if the person refuses or walks out the door, that's the end of it. The suspects all know this.

            If we don't like the civil solution, then the police need to nab the chronic violators. These guys didn't just wake up one morning and decide to mob rob Apple; I'm sure they've had a lot of practice. Where I work the same 10-12 women have been hitting various stores for a year with fraudulent returns and organized shoplifting. They use the same car a few times, then switch to another. PD has been provided with descriptions, names from receipts and license plates (when the cars have them). One we know got caught - in another state.

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