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Death of Brick&Mortar caused by Civil Rights, Immigration and "non-violent" crime?

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  • Death of Brick&Mortar caused by Civil Rights, Immigration and "non-violent" crime?

    On one hand, online shopping does a lot that Brick and Mortar just can't do. Selection, delivery, economies of scale, 24/7 "shopping".

    But what no one is taking about is a lot of major "social changes" have happened in the USA that have made operating a Brick and Mortar not just suddenly costly, but down right legally and PHYSICALLY well as impossibly inconvenient for good customers.

    Other day I visited the big Walgreens in Morgan Hill to pick up sunscreen, DEET, etc. Not only do they have a Cattle Chute system for processing shoppers and shop-lifters, all the bottles of cheap low grade shampoo etc are locked behind armored cages....AND only one employee has the keys and they busy somewhere else because 95% of employees can't even be trusted with the keys to $1.29 bottles of shampoo.

    There is a "shop keepers privilege" which kinda helps, but I can't help but notice for a private citizen any theft "in their presence" can be a FELONY, regardless of value. Given all the requirements for LP to actually OBSERVE to make a bust, why ain't shoplifting a Felony for anyone over 18yrs? OK, I know the real answer: Prison Overcrowding.

    Back in the old days, the Added Value of B&M shopping exp. was that the shopkeeper could multitask and both manage his stock and provide expert advice. Today, a shopkeeper is expected to bear the brunt of other people's massively failed massive Social Experiments, and those that try to stay competitive by scrimping on Security are soon painted as targets.

    How many people in Security especially retail LP would dare open a retail store of their own these days? Even besides actual theft you got people with no money coming in who act like they are Royalty disarranging and damaging the merchandise.

    I was listening to a gaggle of older women and they all had ideas of "opening their own boutique" when they were younger, but couldn't, but NOW they maybe could....except that today any retail is going to come under attack by a huge sector of the population, and throw-downs and standoffs with low-lifes just doesn't fit with their vision of a nice "boutique".

    And that is just from the shopkeepers perspective. A few months ago one of the door locks on my van busted, and even though it was invisible from the outside it totally shutdown me shopping at any stores besides gas-stations and even then, and even in tony Walnut Creek I was like a momma bear watching her cubs. Even in up-scale malls with robust Security these days even as a 250lb ex-construction worker driving a beater, and wearing rags, I feel a need to "be aware of my surroundings" with we all know is a PC-code phrase.

    Online Shopping: Its the Gated Community of retail.
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    In my my state of California things sure are getting ridiculous. I can get backup form our own patrol guys faster than the local PD. And for many crimes the local PD keep cite releasing which basically takes away the very little bite private security personnel have to stop criminal activity. Prop 47 and 57 seem to have been the coffin in the nail. Go to a store and steal a $500 TV. No longer a felony. Why bother with running a brick and mortar store when you can sell stuff online out of your home office and not worry about all the other nonsense?


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      You nailed it. Even if it is a felony shoplift or "grab and run," in Seattle you won't see PD for an hour or more. We had one teen girl who was actually caught by a loss prevention team with $4000 worth of merchandise. She was laughing the whole time, not worried about consequences. With retailers not wanting to hire LP or not being able to afford them, the crooks know which stores have the best stuff and no risk.

      You can't lock everything in cases, especially if you're high end - the whole point is to make it easy and appealing to the customer to buy electronics, perfume, sunglasses, etc. so they come in the store - not stay at home and do it online with the big 'A".

      i understand the criminal justice system is bursting at the seams, but I agree with those who point out the obvious - you let people get away with small crimes, they're going to graduate to bigger ones, until they get caught. In the meantime you have a lot of victims and no justice.
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        I had a guy climbing the second story of an HOA I was patrolling about a month ago. I confronted the guy and he claimed that he is there to see a girl. I called for backup and "persuaded" him to stay while the homeowner called 911 to report a possible burglary in progress after the homeowner told me he has never seen the guy before. My backup got there in 3 minutes. Local PD showed up after 25 minutes,sending just one K9 Officer. PD didn't even cite the guy. The other time we caught a guy red handed breaking into a car. We struggle with him and get him in cuffs. PD shows up and it turns out the guy is on parole. They took my cuffs off of him and cite released him. I can tell you stories like this all day long. And the state does not realize that the whole "observe and report" security was OK when local cops weren't drowning in calls. Now you called anything short of an armed robbery or shooting in progress they will not respond in less than 15 minutes. I've actually waited on trespass calls for over 2 hours while we have the suspect handcuffed sitting on a curb.




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