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WA strengthens shoplifting penalties

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  • WA strengthens shoplifting penalties

    Heard this on the radio. The state legislature is changing the current shoplifting laws to increase the penalties for repeat offenders and those who participate in "flash mob" style crimes. Shoplifting has dramatically increased over the last few years (my guess would be another effect of the heroin epidemic), and retailers large and small are seeing their bottom line eaten away.

    While it wasn't mentioned in the story, I suspect it is also an attempt to save brick and mortar stores that provide entry level jobs. Increasing sales taxes are going to drive this crime up, and the result is loss of revenue for the counties and cities. (My county increased the sales tax to over 10%, to fund a dubious regional commuter train system we were promised 17 years ago...)

    The only problem is WA courts and jails are already clogged up, but I'm glad to see we're finally going to attempt to get the professional thieves off the streets for awhile.
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    Missed this post earlier. I hope we don't see some unintended consequences from this - like increased violence toward LP people during apprehensions because shoplifters are facing tougher penalties.
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