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    Within the complex I work the individual stores have their own policies. One major retail chain had a bad lawsuit (they were at fault), so the co. policy is the stores only deal with shoplifting if an LP agent is on duty, which is on a random basis. The thieves know that they have a better chance of getting away with it than getting caught.

    The other problem (in Seattle, at least) is the police response. Unless its a major haul or repeat, identified offenders, the response won't be timely - there's just too much going on and not enough officers.

    Sadly, zm88 is right about this generation of thieves. Whether its the drugs, a hatred of authority or just being raised on constant gore from media, they are fast, savvy and quick to escalate. They don't fear anything, including jail - the only way to deter them is to make it inconvenient to shoplift from your store and hope they move down the street.