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$20 million lawsuit filed against Arundel Mills security

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  • $20 million lawsuit filed against Arundel Mills security

    This looks like a very interesting case.
    The family of a suspected shoplifter who drowned in 2014 near Arundel Mills mall has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the shopping center’s security staff for allegedly chasing him to his death.
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    Assuming this all happened the way the story describes, I'm surprised the Valor guys didn't get arrested. Those are some serious "verbal statements" made which IMO could really hirt them. It's not 3 years or 10 years ago when chasing people was considered a norm. After reading the kids criminal history it's a shame these guys are probably gonna lose so much to this career scumbag. At the same time, I've known many less than desirable types that make it onto these jobs due to lax background checks.
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      I was really hoping I would be able to side with the Security guards on this one...I had hoped to read that they chased him to the property line and gave up their pursuit, but the shoplifter just kept going and through a series of unfortunate events wound up in a body of water and drowned.

      Sadly, that is not the case and I have to side with the Prosecution....I know that there is likely some embellishments from the Family's attorney as per SOP, but it does not appear that security followed their SOP's either. Even if the shoplifter had not drowned, Security still acted outside of their scope and were off-property.

      $20,000,000 is a little steep though....Emotions run high and the shoplifter will be missed, but $20 million is not gonna bring him back. Something to be said about a certain kind of lottery.
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        If I was the judge I'd burst out laughing. Regardless of any Mall Policy I'm pretty sure Security had perfect legal right to chase him off property and attempt a very physical arrest. No one is saying he was pushed. He was cornered and had a choice of jumping into water or fighting several guards.

        This sort of thing is why I say parents should be held civilily and CRIMINALLY liable for actions of off-spring till kids are 30yrs old.

        Parents owe the store $80 for hat, plus standard shoplifting civil fee, and $100/hr to all guards involved for any time spend even worrying about this ruckus.

        The entire extended family should also get lifetime bans from the entire chain malls and all stores of the mall anywhere else.

        This is what I mean when I say operating Brick & Mortar stores is now "legally dangerous".

        Stick to selling on Ebay and Amazon and you don't need to worry about Travon's family suing you for $20 million after they taught him to steal and run, but not how to swim.

        "When a bystander requested one of the security guards call an ambulance, the guard allegedly responded, “We don’t want no news people out here,” the complaint alleges."

        sounds bogus. why didn't "bystander" call themselves or ask someone else to. Last 4 times I've called 911 about an incident it was instantly clear about dozen other's had already called with address, descriptions, etc.

        Plus, regardless of policy, every guard I've known LOVES to talk to "News People" even if just to stonewall and play Pentagon with phrases like "neither confirm nor deny". lol

        “How long are you going to pursue him for an $80 item? And put him in danger for an $80 item?” Winelander said.

        Its more than the $80. Its about maintaining a safe environment for the public and doing whatever it takes to keep scumbags under control and out of the mall.

        Even a routine bust costs lot more than $80 in time and headaches, not to mention massive damage to mall's rep an nice non-ghetto place to shop.

        Similarly, if you are working from some sub in a high tech plant and you steal what you think is "just a screwdriver" or "just a monitor" you can and will be held Civilly liable for entire cost to make them "whole" after all sorts of high paid people miss schedules, etc.
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          Kind of curios how this played out.