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  • Playstation 3 Demo Units

    Who should have access (keys) to these display units? Currently its just the supervisor of the dept holding the only key.

    Was thinking to use our key control policy where keys are signed out to, copy some for key staff who open and close. Thoughts? Then if it does go missing, the key owners are subject to investigation.

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    If nothing else is in the display, then the only times you need into it is when the Sony Rep shows up (who should not have a key) and when the unit needs a hard reset.

    The Sony Rep has a demo disk that they will install each month or quarter, the individual electronics department people shouldn't be putting games in. If the department manager wants to comp a disk and put it in, then that's fine.

    The PS3 should have a reset button hard-wired into the display, which cuts the power or pushes reset mechanically. Another reason you don't go in.

    If the display (like in most cases) has games for sale in it, then at least one person per shift needs keys, perferably two.
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