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  • New guy on the beat.

    Hello everyone.First post to just say hi and tell a little about myself.
    I live in Alberta Canada.Im a security supervisior for a company who owns 3 shopping centers in the community.Also a parttime LPO for Zellers.The thing i like best about my job is the catching of shoplifters.We get alot of those and each one is different.i have lots of stories to tell(No names).
    My best bust so far was a month back when i detained and arrested a fellow for stealing a full watch display case full of watches from a jewellery store.Total value was $2750.00.Includng display case.hahaha.I made the locale paper on that one.
    My 2 weirdest busts are(1)had a guy steal a mens engagement ring,place it in his mouth.I had him open his mouth when i arrived and viewed the ring with tag attached in his mouth.I arrested him for theft and "gulp" he swallowed the ring.He ended up getting violent so my partner and i had to take him down and restrain him.I made the locale paper on that one.
    (2) second weirdest bust was when i viewed a guy steal 4 depends from 2 different bags of depends ans leave the store.The weird part was that he was stealing them for sexual reasons."Sick"hahahaha
    Cant wait to get to know you people.Heres a pic of myself.

    My hobby of keeping reptiles.

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    Todd, welcome to the retail/loss prevention forum on We're glad to have you on board. We'd be very interested if you'd like to start a new thread on loss prevention best practices -- what works, what doesn't -- based on your experiences.


    Geoff Kohl, editor


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      Thanks for the welcome.As soon as i get some more free time id love to make that post.