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    I'm looking around for a new job, and the local Macy's is hiring Loss Prevention folks - "Store Detectives" and another position.

    How is Macy's to work for?
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    If they are like Burdines, who they bought out, they are aggressive and expect security to apprehend shoplifters and aggressively detain them, all the while being unarmed. That is very risky work for very low pay.


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      Macy's has a very good loss prevention department. Their training is very thorough as far as surveillance techniques, apprehension tactics, etc. is concerned. By the time you finish the training program, you'll be more than ready to start making apprehensions on your own or with the team. As the above reply stated, they also aggressively pursue both external and internal apprehensions, which is great.

      In addition, Macy's is a good company to work for overall. In addition to being able to work in a classy store, they have excellent benefits for all full-time employees, very good pay for loss prevention officers, and the sales associates and managers always seem very willing to assist loss prevention in any way possible.

      If you're looking for a good loss prevention position, I would definately recommend Federated stores (Macy's or Bloomingdale's), or also Nordstrom's, if you have one locally.


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        Back in about 1996 through '98 I worked for a company called Federated Logistics {Parent Company to Macy's and Nine West} also known as Federated Department Stores.

        I worked Security out of a Southern New Jersey Distribution Center on the Mid-Night Shift mostly. As employees we were taken care of pretty well as far as salary and benifits {Typical Security wages....about $9.50 an hour back then} - In 1998 when the Distribution Center I worked at was to be closed we were given a severence package through Macy's or the offer of employment in the loss prevention department at a store of our choice...I opted for the severence and went to the fire academy for a more rewarding career but over-all Macy's was a decent company to work for. 10 Years later I really can't say. I shop at Target...... :