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  • 39 iPods, 15 seconds...

    Three New Yorkers are singing a different tune after a run in with police. The suspects allegedly stole 39 iPods and several Playstation 2 games from stores in Riverdale. But it's how they pulled off the robbery that has police scratching their heads.

    Surveillance tape from the Target store in Riverdale showed one of the suspects stuff 39 iPods down an oversized pair of pants and walked out of the store undetected.

    "They had one look out down the aisle, and a driver in the getaway car," said Riverdale detective Bill Fuchs. "What's amazing is that he did it in fifteen seconds."
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    That should never have happened, the loss prevention officer on duty assuming there was one should have taken notice that something was out of the ordinary, people give off clues there posture, the way they carry themselves, are they fiddgity, are they looking around, do they keep looking up at cameras, this is an example of why it is important to have two LPO in the store one to man the cameras and one to do floor walking.

    stay safe all
    Ben Wallace


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      i seen the clip of the theft, that was in and out. Think thats bad, something worse could happen.