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  • LP at electronics retailer

    Here's an intersting loss prevention management story from Orgeon involving the electronics retailer Best Buy:

    It has some insights about the business, value of a good internal investigation, how to work with police/FBI, what to do when you're getting nowhere, etc.

    Best of all, they helped break down what some were calling a culture of deference to shoplifting.



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    Greg Malone sets an example we can all emulate. He went to the local PD for help and was shown the door. He went to the Bureau and they developed a super case that not only involved Best Buy but other retailers as well. It goes to show you that a true security professional is not easily turned off by a brush off. Being told not to share with the PD Bureau's involvement does not surprise me. I'm sure the whole criminal enterprise would have been terminated had the word gotten out.
    The fact the city PD was not interested goes to show you some PDs are not up to scratch.
    In a pervious life, I was warned off talking with the local PD. Turned out to be excellent advice.
    The reorganization of the PD is following the example of rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ocean liner.
    Walking around with precious intelligence in your pocket is akin to walking around with fresh eggs in your pocket, mistep, no omelet.
    Warm regards,