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Drone delivery systems secure?

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  • Drone delivery systems secure?

    In a bit of a speculative mood. There's been much press about Amazon and Walmart using drones to deliver product. I see two major flaws with this system.

    The first would be outright theft. We've seen the increase in blatant package theft off of doorsteps (to the point where in my town, the mail carriers are told to actively look for people following them), as well as creative metal theft, "flash mobs," etc. My point is I have I have no doubt in the power of human greed to quickly figure out a way to get the package when it lands or in the air.

    The second issue would be authentication. Since you have a mindless, mute robot delivering a box, the potential misuse for a Unabomber type is real.

    Retailers should probably sitck with the UPS guy or the mailman for now, and keep the brick & mortar store a bit longer...

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    It might be possible but I really trust Amazon and Walmart. I always buy almost everything from these two online shopping sites and have not experienced something fishy from their delivery.


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      one of my profs at De Anza said he was involved in a "start up" something about drone delivery to car tops. Not sure WTF it was about, really. Maybe you have a beacon in your car and a cartop is a pretty standard landing pad, unlike a front porch?

      Plus you get it where ever you are in your car, as opposed to USPS, Fed Ex "home only" option. Be out fishing, running out of beer and bait. No prob. Stuck on side of road 10miles from anywhere and need a hose for 2005 BWM? No prob.

      He was a younger Korean-American lawyer, 2nd Amend supporter and married to a Black woman, and was teaching Public Speaking. all I can remember.