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  • Ross LP?

    Does anybody know anything about LP at Ross Dress for Less? I know they are "Store Protection Specialist" and are uniformed but don't know much else.. Thinking of applying for a few positions though and was just trying to get an idea. Thanks for the help everybody!

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    Take everything I say with a grain of salt, since I am not in LP. However, Ross appears to have a less than stellar reputation in my neck of the woods (Seattle). I used to shop there when I was plainclothes and needed cheap dress shirts that looked good, but wouldn't break my budget if they got torn or stained beyond hope from doing "urban security."

    The pay is probably not going to be great, based on what the other employees make. You might try Glassdoor for some employee reviews - Yelp will give you an idea of what shopping there is like. Do your research - hopefully I'm wrong and they're a good place to work.


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      Thanks Condo. I have been doing some research but I can't find much about their LP (which of course makes sense). I just curious if anyone knows if they have good/bad policies, hands on or off (which I think Ross is hands off), if they even make stops, etc.