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  • Shoplifting Ring - Lowe's

    Preventing theft entirely is impossible, of course, but there must be some way, likely using some sort of technology, to prevent thieves from fencing the stolen merchandise right back to the retailer that they stole it from!

    How many times have we seen thieves gaming the return policies that many retailers put in place, just because the retailer has no mechanism in place to know whether the merchandise had been purchased or not? There must be a way, and just because you have multiple outlets shouldn't present any real barrier to solving the problem.

    Less permissive return policies would be a start, such as only crediting back the card that was charged for the purchase or even limiting returns to store credits. I don't think this would hurt sales, either. Ordinarily, we select the retailers where we shop on the basis of price, selection, availability, convenience (proximity) and sometimes other factors such as product expertise, store hours, etc.

    I do NOT believe that I've ever selected a retailer on the basis of their return policy, as long as I know that they will stand behind what they sell. That's all I, and I think most people, ask. I don't need, want, or expect the retailer to be silly about their return policies, and I'm afraid that's just what some retailers are when it comes to returns, layaways, gift cards, etc. - silly. If you're easily exploited, you certainly will be exploited.
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    They do seem to be behind the times. Their competition does as you suggested - you bring in your receipt and you have 3 options - credit back to the card (if applicable), store credit or exchange. No cash, period. Since the area where the store is located has the usual assortment of tweekers, supposed homeless with kidney problems spelled out at length on their cardboard signs, etc. I've never seen anyone object.


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      Lowe's brings it upon themselves for sure. I work PT at one and their "Loss Prevention" policy is, essentially, "let them leave." I watched a customer walk in and grab some drills and walk right out the front door. He then repeated it, so I heard, the next day. No amount of technology will trump the kind of stupidity that allows that.
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        Macy's has one of the best ways to track refunds as well as determine if they items were sold.

        They use a customer return label. The customer does not even need the receipt or original tender.

        It's simple. The UPC from the item is scanned. The CRL is scanned. Once the transaction is tendered, the CRL becomes live.

        The customer can then return the item. The employee scans the CRL and the original transaction information comes up.

        If the item has been returned or not found, the return cannot be completed.