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    Division Between Uniformed and Plain-Clothed Loss Prevention Officers

    I have worked in loss prevention where this was a problem. I have also worked as a loss prevention officer in places where this was not an issue. I think a lot of the problems come from how the security procedures and policies are set up. Management creates these problems (unintentionally) in many instances.

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      A couple of years ago when I was on the job I worked part time for a contract company doing uniformed security at a place that had in-house loss prevention officers. I was supposed to be there as a visual deterrent (ha ha ha) and LPO would monitor the cameras and then call me by cellphone and let me know when we were going to take one down. We worked well together, shared a lot of information and for a part time gig it actually was a lot of fun. Sounds to me like there's a division between detectives and guards that needs to be breached somehow. Good luck.


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        Originally posted by zm88 View Post
        Anyone else have both at your store? I've done both, but am currently back in a detective spot. Have you experienced tension between the two groups? Envy, or some type of jealousy? I'm experiencing something similar right now and it's pissing me off to no end.

        Today's work force is much different then when I got first job over a decade ago (now I'm feeling old).
        We do both here, they want us in a uniform but when we go out in the park we change into street clothes, it is a pain. the uniform we wear looks like all the other venues in the park.