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Sharing info and BOLOS amoung retailers

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  • Sharing info and BOLOS amoung retailers

    Does anybody do this? Imagine if Macys, Lord and Taylor, Neimans, Abercrombie, Sephora all major retailers could share and compare info relating to SL incidents on a secure network available to Loss Prevention. Trends, hit & run incidents as well as repeat offenders who constantly hit us over time. I know some chains already do this within company only, bit I'd be interested to hear the reality of such an odea as well as the limitations due to liability, privacy issues and what not. I'm not new tonthe industry, and I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this, just wondering what it would really take to get it going.
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    I know here in Arizona we have AZORCA. Big retailers around the valley that have grab and runs, frequent shoplifters, certain merchandise that is being lifted, credit card fraud and all of the above they send emails to retailers loss prevention that are signed up for the service. Only loss prevention/security and LEO can sign up for the emails.


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      You work at a busy downtown location. In the immeadiate area you are the biggest store with a couple smaller competitors along with other small stores. A mile or twonos another group of retailers, and a major transit line right outside your door. You have a hit and run, burberry coats. Reviewing CCTV you get the footage of the subjects. That still shot is uploaded tonthis site, once uploaded it pings all users with an alert and now that person is known to possibly still be in the area and he may also try to hit another store.

      Another scenario,
      Subject hits your store between set hours, certain areas in the atore he hits, usually grabs sikilar merchandise and has a very specific routine. This info can be entered into a profile type template with certain tags. A different retailer sees a guy doing the same thing. They enter those key words in the search function and this subject happens to ajow up. Now they see he hits another retailer doing the same thing and intel can be shared and passed along to ORC investigators and LE.

      I know I'm getting ahead of myself here as I have no clue on how to deaign sometjing like this let alone introduce it or implement it into the industry. It just seems we alk have ao much knowledge and experience, and by combining it we could not juat solve problems but discover ones we didn't even see before. AZORCA sounds interesting, im gonna check that out.
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        In my city they have a association for all loss prevention that meet with all LP in the area. It is headed by a detective that focuses on organized retail crime in the police department. All the retailers, including the major ones, in the association share a database. They can look up trends, BOLOs, and suspects by name or DL if they have been stopped by loss prevention before.


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          Some retailers restrict this kind of information flow. Sometime this info is shared off the cuff.
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            There is (was?) an association of directors of security in Montreal that met once a month & had a Round Robin system where 1 hotel would call the next on the list which would call the next etc etc to pass on information. However the system died when hotels started cutting day & then afternoon shifts. Emails were used but were not very effective if there was no one on duty to receive them.

            I stopped going to the meeting in 2009 when I starte working 11 & 12 hour overnight shifts. They took place during my sleeping hours.

            Montreal has what tourists call the Underground City. AS lot of the downtown shopping centres, big retails stores, hotels & office building have underground tunnels connecting them making a big network. Businesses connected made their own association & they too share information. Again, I'm out of the loop so I don't know if it still exists.
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              There was a network similar to the one Hotel describes, but no actual electronic notification system, when I worked a the Hilton in Anaheim, Ca, across the street from Disneyland in 2002. The local law enforcement would put out generic/basic crime bulletins, of a nature that may concern the local hotels. In kind, the hotels would share with LE, and with each other, the latest hospitality-based criminal trends. For example, a "known" group engaging in organized distraction theft would be shared throughout the area, and all pertinent info logged for all properties to make use of.
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                Sharing Info And BOLOS Among Retailers

                Originally posted by zm88 View Post
                Does anybody do this?.....
                The City Of Minneapolis MN has a program that allows certain security folks to access the ARMER radio network. There are roll calls three times a day and the specific talkgroup is monitored by a Minneapolis Police Officer. It is not limited to retail theft, however.


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                  The company I work for only tends to share ORC information among other retailers. However, by that time law enforcement agencies are involved and usually send out official bulletins. I have, in the past, received calls from nearby retailers wanting to share info though.


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                    As a loss prevention manager for a family owned three store operation, I always alert, not only our other stores, but other local businesses. I have an email distribution list and send alerts immediately. Subjects are usually fraudulent credit cards, fraudulent internet orders, shoplifting, counterfeit bills, suspicious individuals or groups, short change attempts, etc. In turn, I receive alerts from people on my distribution list. You see, Macy's does talk to Gimbels about these things.

                    Also, I belong to NABI (National Assoc. of Bunco Investigators) which sends weekly email bulletins and a monthly newsletter which includes alerts on shoplifters, store diversions, short change artists, travelers, Gypsies and many other scams all over the country.



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