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Why we won't learn from the Target cyber attack

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  • Why we won't learn from the Target cyber attack

    I had just been to a cyber security presentation hours before this story broke. Small and mid-size businesses are the most vulnerable because they often lack fire walls or spend the money on solid anti-virus protection. You would expect a major retailer like Target to have better protection. (Unless there was help to the criminals from the inside, which is always a risk.)

    Europe uses a credit card system called "chip and pin" (I think that's what its called). US banks won't do it because it would be a major cost to upgrade and install the systems necessary. I have no idea why we don't do more about this kind of crime, except that it is very hard to catch hackers, especially in countries where we don't have the proper treaties set up, or where local law enforcement doesn't have the skill or the will to deal with it.

    I think I'm going back to cash.

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    I only use a card to book a room and a car and done, I pay in cash or use one of my debit cards (small amount account.
    Pop Pop - It reminds me of an old statement by my Master Sergeant. "A Good Run is better then a Bad Stand".

    Sec Trainer- Pop Pop: Hope you don't mind if I quote your Master Sergeant. He was a very smart man.

    Pop Pop- Yes Sir, Thank you Senior Instructor Sec Trainer, hope you don't mind if I place your quote into my Signature?

    Sec Trainer- Permission granted, recruit. Now, police the company area!

    flat out cool..


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      I use cash at the electronics store, just to watch them melt down when they have to actually count and make change!