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Shoplifter fires gun at Everett, WA mall

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  • Shoplifter fires gun at Everett, WA mall

    This idiot pulls out a gun to get away from LP and security over a shoplifted t-shirt. (Of course being a career felon might have had something to do with it.)

    WA has enhanced charges if you use a firearm. The girlfriend was intially not detained, but as the article states, she's up on charges also.

    Tip of the cap to all the security people who handled this. Could have been way worse...

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    Apprehending shoplifters is a dangerous business.
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      Shoplifter Fires Gun At Everett, WA Mall

      Ah yes, this brings back memories of when I was a young deputy in court security years ago.

      Judge H: "Deputy, find a tall tree, and strong rope, and a fast horse."

      Me: " Yes, your Honor."

      Or, Judge P., who had been a Judge in the United States Naval Reverse (Or was it Forward?)

      Judge P: "Deputy, take the defendant out to the top of the courthouse and have him walk the plank."

      Me: "Err, Judge, we don't have a plank."

      Judge P: "Well, what about drawing and quartering, Deputy?"

      Me: "My sabre needs to be sharpened."

      Judge P: "Deputy, can you flog him?"

      Me: "Yes, your Honor, I will go get the Cat o' nine tails. It is under the desk in the Sheriff's Office!"

      I'll bet that would reduce repeat offenders a bit!
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