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Checking returned OTC medicine for signs of Product tampering

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  • Squid
    I agree, NO RETURNS.

    It ain't that aspirin is anything much, but WTF knows. Some clown will replace the pills with some non-aspirin 'equal' and think that is "OK".

    You can't return liquor. (shouldn't the nanny state SUPPORT the decision to change one's mind about drinking LOL "give me my money back or I swear I'm gonna pound this bottle of vodka and who knows what will happen!")

    I don't think you can return car batteries, even with factory seal caps still on.

    You can't return gasoline.

    I say "NO RETURNS ON ANY FOOD OR MEDICAL"....or maybe....

    "only 1/2 back on drugs because we DO make big markup, but we also got to toss it...actually we gonna take your ID and run a tox-check on this return and your record".

    PS-I believe it is pretty easy to cut into the BOTTOM of the white plastic jar of pills and add "something" through a small hole, then thermo weld it back over leaving no clear 'mark' because bottom of the jar has the injection point that is 'messy' as well as other indents to hide any imperfection. I'm looking a white plastic pill jar now and I'd say unless you are gonna have an expert compare each return under magnification, etc to "normal".....just aint worth it.

    If you NEED to issue returns, maybe do what they do at the Mexican border going into Mexico if you are dumb and don't want to pay the little bribe....make you fill out paperwork till you are very, very sorry you didn't pay the $1 or whatever it is.
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  • Curtis Baillie
    We are talking about over the counter aspirin.

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  • Minneapolis Security
    Better idea

    Don't allow returns on drugs. They won't let you return ammunition, and drugs should be no different.

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  • Checking returned OTC medicine for signs of Product tampering

    Checking returned OTC medicine for evidence of Product Tampering...

    Retailers commonly allow customers to return previously purchased over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. It is important to have a program in place to ensure all returned medicines are inspected prior to being returned to the shelves for resale.

    The Consumer Healthcare Products Association has recommended the following important safety tips for inspecting returned OTC medicines and dietary supplement products:

    • Check for dirt of discoloration on the package. This could be a sign of improper storage.

    • Check for tape on the package. This may indicate that the product has been removed and replaced with something else.

    • Check for ink spots on the package. Some individuals who replace the contents of a package with another product or even foreign material mark the tampered-with carton so they do not accidentally repurchase it themselves.

    • Check for excess glue on the package. If applied by the actual supplier, the glue should be virtually unnoticeable.

    • Check for loose flaps, cuts, or tears on the packaging.

    • Check for stickers or strange tags.

    • If the package makes a strange sound when shaken, this could be a sign that something other than the intended product is in the container.