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  • Insurance Claims Investigations

    I'm not real sure if this is the appropriate section of the forums to post this topic in, however because the nature of the business involves preventing loss to insurance companies by means of fraudulent claims, I figured it was the closest thing to being on-topic.

    After many years of working in private security and law enforcement, my career has unexpectedly taken a strange turn. Through no fault of my own, I'm now in a position where I need a new job. Almost immediately after beginning my job search, I was offered two very similar positions with two different companies. The position is a claims investigator working primarily on worker's compensation claims. Basically, in a nutshell, you're assigned a case and you must perform covert surveillance on the claimant and establish whether or not the claimant is bilking the system or whether he/she is legitimately injured. There's much more to it than that, but that's a synopsis. I think the position sounds very interesting and while generally related to the security and law enforcement fields, is a rather different career path. First off, I was curious if anyone on the forum has had experience doing this type of work and what suggestions or advice they can offer.

    Next, I'd just like some input as far as the two companies are concerned. The first company that made me an offer was the compliance and investigations division of security giant G4S. The other company, which I should probably not name, was a very large firm that is not involved in the business of guarding or security in any way. Both companies offered very comparable compensation packages, however in the end, the company that is not G4S was simply offering a better deal. I accepted the position with them, but the only reason I'm having regrets is just because I'm wondering if it wasn't a mistake to not work for a company as large and profitable as G4S.

    The other reason I accepted with the other company is because I still enjoy being a security officer and I also obtained an extremely flexible position as a part-time officer with another large security company (which I will post about in the On Guard section) and had I accepted with G4S, I would not have been able to maintain my part-time employment as a conflict of interest.

    So, that was rather long, but any insight into the world of claims investigations would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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    Two retailers I have worked for, one as the Director of LP, conducted in-house workman's comp and other insurance claims. Interesting work.
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      Insurance Claims Investigations

      As far as choosing between the two companies is concerned, I would encourage you to look long term at both of them. Does one of them have more opportunity for career advancement than the other? If so, I would definitively give additional weight to the one that does.


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        Jim and Curtis, thank you both for your input. Jim, I struggled a bit with the career growth issue. On the surface, you would think that G4S would have a greater career growth potential just because of the sheer size of the company. However, their compliance and investigations division is rather narrow. My advancement would obviously be limited to positions within the C&I division. The company I went with, while not as large as G4S, is still a rather large company and investigations are their only business. So, while they are a smaller company, I felt that growth potential was much better with the company I went with. Hopefully I don't regret my decision, but only time will tell.


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          I did some of this work about ten years ago. I obtained my CC license and was sponsered by the owner of the company. I traveled throughout the state of Florida alot and spent alot of time in my car. It was much like LP, sitting and waiting for something to happen. Most insurance companies have a pretty good idea that a client is BS before they hire a firm to investigate. I would say 90% of the cases I was on, I managed to record the client doing something they weren't supposed to be doing.