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  • Employee theft database

    I see both sides of this. On the one hand, I still believe in "innocent until proven guilty." On the other hand, we have, unfortuntely, become a nation full of dishonest workers. A standard backround check only shows convictions. References? Unless you're Jeffrey Dahmer, you can scrounge up three people to say nice things about you. Small companies or franchises can't afford expensive screening devices like the MMPI test, especially when you have very narrow profit margins in a lot of retail businesses.

    Bottom line: I'm not a big fan of "blacklists," but on the other hand, I am so sick of people getting hired just because they are clever enough to beat the hiring screening.

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    I just think it's the price of doing business. I suppose you have to go with what HR hires.

    The same way a potential employee might have a list of who he/she might want to work for I think
    An Employer strategy might have to be similar.

    Through the years I always had a list of companies I would like to have worked for.
    Having a list when/if a lay-off came would get you a jump on the competition. If a lay-off seems to be in the works a phone call might get you a first interview later.

    I don't think loyalty is a big priority any do you change that?


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      Those databases have been around for many years.
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