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  • 2 useful tips for the day

    So my wife went shopping the other day with my little girl. While roaming around in the store my little girl (not even 2 yrs old) decided to stick an item in "mommy's" purse for fun. Well... needless to say my wife got home and found an unexpected item in her purse After two days she drives to the store and purchases the item. Go wife! I'm just glad she didn't get stopped by security! I bet this happens all the time... I'm just not sure how she would have explained her self. lol


    1st tip: If your a loss prevention officer make sure you keep a close eye on those kids!

    2nd tip: If you want to steal from the store make sure you bring your kids to help HA HA
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    I was working a few weeks ago and a family was walking out of the store. Before they hit the parking lot the dad comes back in with his 3 year old screaming at him in Spanish and hands me a piece of candy that the kid walked out of the store without purchasing. So yea, I'm sure it does happen a lot. Awhile ago we had a family that would come in the store and steal together. They would get their kids to help.

    Than there was this time last year when a guy was stealing some game counsels with his 2 year old son in the shopping cart. When we went to app him he actually left the cart with his son in it when he saw us. We ended up getting him and he had a few needles on him as well. Lets just say that the newspapers really dug into that story.