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WA state liquor thefts

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  • WA state liquor thefts

    The state recently got out of the liquor business, and private retailers all jumped on board. Part of the problem is that prices went up, because now all taxes and fees have to be paid.

    The other issue is that many retailers don't want to "lock up" the good stuff, because they say it would create a "negative purchasing experience" for upscale consumers. Couple that with many stores advertising their new product line by having the liquor up front (by the doors), and you have a shoplifter's dream world...,4883903.story

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    I'd keep the stuff up on a display wall behind the cashier, sorta like a bar,

    so customers need to ask for it(just like a bar) and tell people I gotta do that to 'protect children' (of all ages LOL) who otherwise might take it off the shelf and start guzzing on the spot.

    That might actually increase sales. I was skeptical of all the supermarkets installing "service counters" for meat, fish, deli etc because to my mind plastic wrap made much more sense.....till I read some industry mag about how tests have shown people feel some pressure to 'buy bigger' when confronted with another person, or when asked "can I get you something?" when caught eyeballing the merchandise.