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    I have been looking at applying to Kohls for a Loss Prevention Officer position. I am currently doing three jobs on my own since we have an open position and essentially no manager. Despite the 90% increase in open to close internal and external cases since I came, upper level management could not care lesser and continuously hands me my rear end for not completing the manager tasks too.

    With the whining over, I hear very good things about Kohls as a company to work for. To my understanding they are still hands-on? I hear they regularly promote hard workers to supervisor or manager positions. Is this true? The company I work for only hires managers from outside and I would like to move up to management eventually.

    Any information is very appreciated. Feel free to PM if you are more comfortable about providing info.
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    I've been lurking here for a while, but I feel like I have a chance to add here.

    I've been working with Kohl's for nearly four months now and have loved every minute of it. While hands-off, they're not about to let about to throw up a mythical "electric fence" (i.e. off the curb=no job) to keep you from getting your guy. This is a big improvement over my last gig and they recognize self-defense. Good policies on after-the-fact apps. Some policies are variable by district, but overall they give you a very solid starting block policy-wise. Training is good too--you can find a document on just about everything. And they're very, very into their associates--they have various programs focused on "development", like quarterly check-ins on what you're doing career advancement wise. The company throws around stats like 75% of their associates advance within the company--I don't know the reality, but what I can tell you is that the people I've met within management came from elsewhere in the company. You'll see alot of people walking around with five, six year service lanyards, if not longer. Churn rate seems lower than most.

    The only thing that may be a downside for some is a big focus on auditing and reports if you're an LPS (basically LP manager, but I can go into detail on that privately). It can be tedious at times, but that's a big part of LP these days. And as an LPO, your role there would be limited.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to message me. Good luck on your app!


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      Auditing is not a "down side." I've found far more shrink as a result of auditing than I ever have apprehending shoplifters. And...throughout my career in LP I apprehended countless shoplifters.
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        Allow me to clarify--if you have a "store detective" mindset of yore or want to use LP as a bridge to law enforcement, you may find some kinds of audits a little less than exciting. But if you want to become a holistic LP practitioner, as I think that's the direction I want to head (or perhaps broader fraud work) then its an absolutely essential part of the job.

        I never thought I would say this, but I really did enjoy my first inventory with Kohl's. It can be quite enjoyable and challenging if you bring a mindset of "catching them" that you might to shoplifters (not saying that you should be adversarial towards the inventory team, but that you should see it as your duty to get the highest degree of accuracy possible and rise to that challenge). But counting just isn't everyone's bag.


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          Kohl's is overall a great company to work for. As an LPO your main responsibility is to catch shoplifters and help the LPS with miscellaneous tasks.

          The only reason why I'm leaving kohls is my DLPM is absolutely horrible to work for. i have been with kohl's for two years now, and we have had about 30 LPO/LPS come and go over that time period (13 stores!)