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Specialist Supplier Of Loss Prevention Hidden CCTV

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  • Specialist Supplier Of Loss Prevention Hidden CCTV

    Hello we are a UK based company that specialise in hidden camera and DVR loss prevention equipment

    All iCapture units are fitted with 700 TVL cameras which are the highest resolution cameras below the High Definition spectrum. Most other systems use cameras recording 380 TVL or 540TVL, where the image clarity is far less than at iCapture. *

    In addition to this we also use the smallest and latest recorders which record to an SD card for fast and easy retrieval of footage. This also allows us to minimise the space needed for recording media and the sometimes difficult situation of hiding an older, larger recorder. All of our units are supplied with the recorder and camera in one device so the only cabling required is power to the unit. For special applications our units can be powered by batteries.

    iCapture recorders record in full D1 resolution -*704 x 480 pixels - the highest resolution that a current CCTV system can record at.*

    For any more information please don't hesitate to contact us