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    Can anyone provide information on an entry level LP position at TJ Maxx? What are some of the good and bad experiences of working for them?


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    Anybody? Please.....


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      tj maxx marshalls are all one; their is nother store or two that are are with them. They have a great training structure and if you can get in with them that would be a great for your career path if that is what you are looking at doing.


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        I just registered, mainly for this same question so I'lll bump it. I work at TJ Maxx now as a customer service supervisor, and most of my day is spent helping LP with return fraud and as a witness when possible. I'm really interested in what they do, and TJ Maxx is a unique environment, in part to the way the store handles its inventory and SKU etc. fraud is ever present and families literally live by stealing and returning from us. To the person posing this, I think TJ MAxx pay wise is very random, based on experience and geogrpahy. But is the pay is worth it I would def do it. NEVER a dull moment. I've seen some pretty crazy and funny stuff and I'm not even LP. But my main question for people in LP right now is how does size and gender affect hiring and job capability. I am a small woman, and when I graduate from UNCC I want to work for LP. Is this a factor? thanks!