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  • Hello From Elgin Illinois

    I found your forum while researching flashlights.....What the heck, may as well belong to another forum.

    I worked as a Security Officer for 6 years for the Illinois dept of Mental Health. I went on to do a stint at a private manufacturing facility and worked 3 years as the night security guard and I was promoted to the facility night manager and now I am responsible for security and all plant operations in the off hours. I have been there for 12 years now.

    I have a good friend who was an OSI investigator for the USAF and he retired and became a field agent for the FBI. We were to start a cooperative security business venture 10 years ago (he owns licenses in Illinois) That was put on hold when he suffered a heart attack and successive surgeries. He is currently undergoing Chemo for Melanoma, so it is unlikely that dream will ever be reality.

    He still does part time work for the FBI doing Background checks.

    I look forward to a sharing of information and developing relations with like minded individuals.

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    Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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      Welcome! I'm here from Hinsdale area, so we are kinda close.

      Anyway, I just could not resist suggesting a flashlight for ya: Inova T4 LED flashlight. It's rechargeable, and EXTREMELY bright. About the power of a massive Mag light, in about a fifth of the size. I couldent be happier with it!



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        Thanks for the greeting and advice. Is this the one you are talking about?

        Looks like you know your stuff. Based on your recommendation, it looks like I will be buying one. Thanks!


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          Yes Yes Yes!!! That's the one. Sorry it took me so long to reply.

          Anyway, the light's well worth the money. Hope you enjoy.