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  • Howdy

    Hi all. After lurking around here for the past month or so I decided to actually register . I work deep nights so I got plenty of time on my hands...

    *And now, for the all mighty Resume!*

    I've been a Campus Police Officer here in Dallas for the last *counts on fingers/damn Texas Edumacation syztem* 7 and a half years and a reserve police officer for a small town for a year before that. I've also worked as a Detention Officer at the county jail (for 5 months, hated it) and a Public Service officer with a Hospital Police Department (hated that one too, did it for a year though).

    Before all of that (and sometimes during when I was a reserve) I've worked a wide variety of assignments in the private security field . Started when I was 19, i'm 31 now.

    I worked for a short time on a couple of Federal Contracts (GSA and HUD, man I miss that money lol) and for a short time with US Security Associates at Lockheed Martin-Dallas, I worked for Wackenhut as a CPO for the year I was a reserve policeman (my last assignment was at, the company started by the guy who now owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA team) and I worked for Barton for a year (I guess it's "AlliedBarton" now?) in a high rise building. In between those I worked for a few ho-hum companies to make ends meet (and luckily, I survived).

    All of that just to say been there and done that . I'm registered at but honsetly I've seen some more interesting talk here. Looking forward to getting to know you guys.
    ~Black Caesar~
    Corbier's Commandos

    " "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." ~Margaret Thatcher

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    Welcome. I look forward to reading your posts.
    Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)