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  • Greetings from Minnesota

    Hello All!

    I spotted these forums from and thought I would take a look! I'm interested in either a non-sworn uniformed position with a police department or as a security officer in the near future to prepare me for Law Enforcement. These forums have proved very helpful and interesting! I'm about 3 months from graduation from highschool, so the two positions I desire wouldn't be atainable until this summer. I'm currently a Ski Patroller for a park district, I have EMT-B equivalent medical training, I was also an explorer for two years and served on a city commission for two years as well.

    I'm from Minneapolis, MN. I am interested in being a Security Officer for the Mall of America. Anyone have any tips or comments for me regarding this?


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    Security won't really prepare you for law enforcement, unless your working for the government, or your in a state that allows for sworn private police officers. Just a warning.

    Any public contact position will give the same experience. You will be more afraid of liability (like the college courses won't instill that into you) after working for a warm body or large security company in your LE career than you will be not working in security.

    You will, though, learn how to wear a uniform correctly. Hopefully. Again, depends on the company.
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      welcome good luck