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  • Thanks for letting me join this forum

    After reading the fine-print DOs and DON'Ts, I was afraid the moderator wasn't going to let me in with my chosen username. So thanks for letting me in, in spite of my ominous username.

    Let me elaborate why I hate being a S/O. After being discharged from the US Air Force in 1982, I decided to go to college while working as a security guard. I was indecisive as to what I want to do with the rest of my life. While working as a guard on the graveyard shift, I kept falling asleep in class lectures, and my grades suffered. I didn't do too good as a college student, so I decided to get a baton, mace, and firearm permit to try working as an armed guard for about a year. The pay was only an additional $1 an hour (in the Los Angeles area), and I was commuting farther and spending more on gas, just for the prestige of carrying a gun, mace, and baton. On the plus side, I look like a real cop; on the minus side, I was working high-risk post like night clubs, jewelry store, banks in crime areas, and the worst post I was assigned was a housing project. This last was the worst, because it was in a gang-bang area in South Central Los Angeles. At first, I felt relieved when I met another guard from my company, and we realized it was a 2-man post. As we were doing our patrols, we ran into an elderly couple who looked at us with shock and disbelief and said "I can't believe they sent 2 more guards, after what happened to the last guard !" They explained to us the last guards had gotten beaten up by gang members, and their guns stolen from them. At this point, I realized the only business who contract for armed guard services (in Los Angeles area) are clients who had been robbed at gun point . I talked an LAPD detective to find out how often do guards get mugged, and their handguns stolen. When he confided that its common for felony suspects to re-arm themselves (after being released from prison) by seeking out and mugging an armed guard, is when I decided to quit being an armed guard. I later got a job as an in-house security for a shopping mall, with only a baton and mace, and this job paid more than carrying a firearm for a guard company. So I was finally content, making more $$, realizing than in-house security was where the money was at.

    In 1986, I decided I want more $$ and became a trucker. That earned even more $$ than working in-house security, so I did that for over 2 decades. Then I picked up too many moving violations, was fired because the insurance company felt I was high-risk, and I'm back working as a S/O. I can't drive a semi truck until the violations come off my record (3 years in CA). As a trucker, I was netting at least $900 a week after taxes. Now, I'm earning half that amount as an unarmed guard. And that explains my username.

    Thanks for letting me rant and rave; thank you, I feel much better now.

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    Welcome. I would suggest using the standard print size, and paragraphs.
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      LOL.....where's the love Kinda rough going I'd say. Don't feel so bad as we all have our share of tough times Welcome to the forum and share your thoughts.
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        Welcome to the funny pages. And we all been there at one point and time.
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        oh ya


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          Welcome aboard. I retired from USAF in March of 1982.
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            Welcome to the forum. Read all the threads and jump in. I left the Air Force in 1966 after nine years, 11 months and eight days; but who keeps count?
            Enjoy the day,
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              Welcome. Who did you drive trucks for? I was with JB Hunt for about 4 months after getting out of the Army in 1992. They didn't like the fact that I ran over a couple of cars while still a probationary employee so they sent me on my way.
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                Originally posted by EMTGuard View Post
                Welcome. Who did you drive trucks for? I was with JB Hunt for about 4 months after getting out of the Army in 1992. They didn't like the fact that I ran over a couple of cars while still a probationary employee so they sent me on my way.
                Isn't that just like employers? So picky!!
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                  G'day OMG and welcome aboard.

                  EMT - the things you know after someone has your trust huh ? LOL.

                  1966 the dollar came out to replace the pound and ........ wait I was not even born for another few more years yet until Uncle Neil made it to the moon.
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