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    I am the Operations Manager for a Security Company in the Seattle area with 125 uniformed officers. I have been here for the last four years. Our primary focus is Maritime and Airport Security, but we do a lot of other stuff including, shopping centers, construction sites, medical research facilities, Cruise Terminals, Logistics and Trucking centers residential patrol and we also provide high security prisoner escorts and hospital details for the USMS.

    In addition, we operate numerous training programs for the private security industry and public law enforcement agencies.

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    Welcome to the forum. USMS was my old stomping ground. Don't be afraid to chime in.
    Enjoy the day,


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      Welcome aboard, your experience will be an asset here!
      I'm the guy you don't want to be around when your doing something wrong, but you can't wait for me to get there when your down, to fix you up...

      If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.


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        Welcome maritime ops are a lot fun . Just have to remember to cover your 6 on oriental ships .
        CAPTAIN KOOLAID 9594

        oh ya


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          welcome, I have particapted in logistics let me tell you its a fun headache :P marking boxes tracking inventory numbers, etc, not that your guys would be in that postion, but its fun. Remember that each day you must stride to achive, the maxium potential that you can, by not allowing your employees to run you, but rather you run your employees.........

          and this is getting harder to come up with catchy greetings, so hell welcome.
          Its not how we die that counts.....
          Its not how we lived that counts....
          all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....


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            Hey, I know you. I believe you might just be one of my many and varied "off-duty" bosses. Greetings, E. --K.
            Bitter clinger to my guns and religion....

            "When I die, I desire no better winding sheet than the Stars and Stripes, and no softer pillow than the Constitution of my country."--Andrew Jackson

            Psychological Operations: Because physical wounds heal.


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              Welcome and let us know what you think
              "Life In Every Breath"