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    My name is Juan im 20 years old and im in school getting my degree in Criminal Justice. I plan on becoming a PO for LAPD after im done with school and receive my Citizenship but until then I wanted to try and find a job as a security officer. My question is, is it a requirement to be a Us. Citizen to get the guard card (required for PO)? I tried looking but couldnt find anything. Thanks guys!

    Oh and I currently have Us. Residency!
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    From one new guy to another... welcome!
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      Hello Juan, welcome aboard to the forum.

      Good luck on your desire to join L.A.P.D. I retired from a police department up by San Francisco the end of last year, and I can tell you police work can be a great thing.

      Just do good in school, keep your nose out of trouble, and you will have a good chance of getting the job.

      As for the residency requirement, that info should be on the application for the job, and most likely on the website for L.A.P.D., if it goes into detail about the job. You can always call them and talk to a recruiter also. My suggestion to you in regard to this issue is to get the info from the P.D. itself, do not depend on any suggestions given here, just incase it may be wrong.


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        Juan, thank you for choosing this formum and welcome. As bpdblue wrote, the LA Police Department's website is the most reliable.
        Give some consideration to becoming a Deputy US Marshal. Visit the local US Marshal at the US Courthouse, 312 North Spring Street. He will take you through the steps.
        Enjoy the day,


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          Welcome to the forum. As far as I know, you don't need to be a citizen to get your CA Guard Card from BSIS. I at least know a few friends who had their guard cards before they gained citizenship. Good luck.

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            Please note: The question was 'Do I need citizenship for a BSIS Guard Card.'

            I think the only citizenship requirement is for an armed license.
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              Welcome aboard and good luck to you.

              Be Safe,

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                welcome its been 7 years since ive had my california guard card, so i can not answer the question for you, however you should try to call bsis, they should be able to give you a direct answer...
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                  cool thanks alot guys. Called today and they said all I need is to "have permanent legal alien status" even for armed. Im pretty pumped to work as a guard.


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                    Welcome to the folded . Looking around comment on anything and remember there no such thing as dumb question
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                    oh ya


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                      G'day from Sydney Australia and welcome aboard.
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