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Account Security and You

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  • Account Security and You

    Please take a moment to review this sticky. It has important information about your account, its security, and your posts.

    Please take a moment to ensure that your passwords are in your possession, and no one else's. If you are on a public computer, or a computer that you share with family members or whoever, please do not select the "remember my password" option.

    When you are done browsing, click "Log Out," which will log you out of the system and prevent others from accessing your account.

    Most forums have a very simple policy as it regards to account security: If your account is compromised, it is deleted without question. Make another.

    Please remember, spiders from every major search engine routinely look at this forum, every day. What someone posts one day will be cached and on the internet the next. Regardless of who wrote it, its your account, and no amount of my deleting posts will remove that cache.
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